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Grassfed Burger Annandale

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Grassfed Burger During Your Annandale Visit

Whether you are someone who simply enjoys a grassfed burger on a regular basis or you merely want to try one out during your next Annandale visit, there are a number of reason why you should be making the switch to grassfed beef as soon as possible and we are here to let you know more.

Let's take a closer look at the most important reasons why you need to select a grassfed burger when you are in Annandale….

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Grassfed Burger When In Annandale

Lower Amount of Fat Content

Regularly consuming foods that have a high fat content is not in your best interests and by choosing a grassfed burgers over less healthy alternatives, you are making the best choice for your personal future. While some meats contain fats that are healthy and useful, this is not true of most and grassfed burgers typically come with a fraction of the fat of grain fed.

    Rich In Omega 3 Fatty Acids

    While grain fed meats are usually rich in Omega 6's, which are not nearly as healthy for us, the grassfed burger comes with plentiful amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that are proven to deliver much improved heart health over the long haul. We can consume fish as a means of increasing our omega 3 intake, but those who prefer a delicious burger are now in luck.

      More Vitamin E

      When meat is derived from animals who are able to reside in a pasture and feed on grass instead of grain, the resulting effect on their vitamin content is highly beneficial to those who consume their beef. Not only is Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is more commonly found in grassfed animals, but it is also a helpful agent when it comes to the prevention of cancer.

        Additional Minerals

        A more sizable number of antioxidants is always useful in any context, but did you know that a grassfed burger that is purchased from an Annandale eatery possesses a great deal of added mineral content as well? In addition to the extra beta carotene that grassfed meats have to offer, those who choose grassfed burgers over grain fed receive more phosphorous, potassium, iron and zinc.

          Decreased Amount of Hormones

          While some animals are provided with hormones that are designed to spur faster growth, grassfed animals are free of these potentially harmful products. If you decide to eat animals that have been produced by a factory farm, you are also consuming the same hormones and antibiotics that were used during their development period.

          How To Remain Vigilant

          When you are going out to eat, don't be shy about asking questions when it comes to the source of the restaurant's meat. It is your right as citizen to know exactly what you are consuming and how much of it you are consuming. Any eatery that is unwilling to provide this information should not be frequented and reticence to disclose valuable information must be considered a red flag.


          Grassfed Burger Annandale

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